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Key Dates in Application Process

2019-2020 Fall Semester
Process Dates
Online Application 02.08.2019 - 18.08.2019
Announcement of Online Application Results and Announcement of the Candidates who will take the Scientific Proficiency Exam 20.08.2019
Petition to be filed for objecting to Online Application Results  20.08.2019 - 21.08.2019
Scientific Proficiency Exam 22.08.2019 - 23.08.2019
Announcement of Scientific Proficiency Exam Results  27.08.2019
Petitions to be filed for objecting to Scientific Proficiency Exam 27.08.2019 - 29.08.2019
Final Registration for the Program 02.09.2019 -  06.09.2019
Announcement for the Fill-in List  09.09.2019
Application of the Candidates for the Fill-in List  09.09.2019 - 10.09.2019
Results of the Applications for the Fil-in List  11.09.2019
Final Registration of the Candidates on the Fill-in List to the Program  11.09.2019 - 13.09.2019
Note: The Board of the Institute may change the dates and procedures for the admission and registration of graduate students. The Institute web-site should be followed for up-to-date information.