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Phd Registration Application Petition and Its Supplements for Research Assistants

Application Petition

Ek-1 ve Ek-2 Related Decisions of Council of High Education

Seminar Forms

Seminar Form-Program in English

Seminar Form-Program in Turkish

Manual for Writing Graduate Theses and Dissertations

Manual for Writing Graduate Theses and Dissertations (with cover and approval pages)

Citation Systems

Principles for Thesis/Dissertation and Term Project Originality Reports

Directive on Thesis/Dissertation Collecting, Editing and Opening for Digital Access

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Forms

Qualifying Exam Application Form

Qualifying Exam Jury Nomination Form

Qualifying Exam Jury Report

Qualifying Exam Verbal Examination Report

Doktora Yeterlik Yazılı Soru Kağıdı

Doktora Yeterlik Yazılı Cevap Kağıdı

Dissertation Monitoring Committee

Monitoring Committee Set Up Form

Tez İzleme Komite Üyeliği Değişiklik Öneri Formu

Dissertation Monitoring Committee Meeting Report

Monitoring Committee Meeting Report

Dissertation Proposal Defense

Proposal Defense Application Form

Proposal Defense Report

Topic Proposal Form- in English

Topic Proposal Form- in Turkish

Dissertation Title Change

Title Change Proposal Form

Title Change Proposal Form-During Defense

Dissertation Topic Change

Topic Change Proposal Form

Dissertation Defense Application Forms

Defense Application Form

Defense Application Jury Nomination Form

Work Originality Report

Dissertation Defense Results

Defense Report

Jury Member's Individual Evaluation of Defense


Graduation Request Form

Dissertation Approval Form (should be filled on a computer and hand-signed, except the Approval part)

Exmatriculation Form

Publishing Approval Form

Controls Approval Form

Publishing Permit Form

Patent Restriction Form (2 Years)

General Restriction Form (6 Months)

Work Originality Report



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