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The Graduate School of Social Sciences is responsible for offering, coordinating, and advancing graduate programs run by disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic departments. We offer master's and doctoral degrees at 11 disciplinary (International Relations, Private Law, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Public Law, Sociology, Business Administration) and 12 interdisciplinary (Energy Economics and Management, Disaster and Humanitarian Aid Management, Cultural Policy and Management, Technology Policies and Innovation, Foreign Languages Education, International Trade and Logistics Management, Middle East Studies, Women and Family Studies, Family Counseling, Audit and Risk Management, Media and Communication Studies, Information and Technology Law) departments.  

The Graduate School's mission is to promote an academic environment conducive to scientific research in social sciences, humanities and legal studies; to support graduate students in carrying out original research and to prepare them for their careers in respective fields.

The Academic Board and the Administrative Board are responsible for making academic and administrative decisions, respectively. The director of the Graduate School serves as the chairman of both of the Boards.


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