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Master of Arts in Political Science (English)

About the Program

Political science involves the analysis of political decision-making, the role of social groups, political participation, social structure and power relationship, political change and development. The MA in Political Science at ASBÜ offers a substantive theoretical and methodological training across these various areas. The academic staff consists of scholars whose research and professional activities contribute to academic and applied knowledge in several fields of political science including, but not limited to, political theory, comparative politics, political communication and public administration. The graduate program as a whole is organized in a way to develop the culture of “learning together,” which requires our students to develop their presentation and writing skills. In addition to their coursework, students develop professional networks through a variety of conferences and workshops. While the language of instruction is English, the students are encouraged to learn a second foreign language in relation to their regional interests.


Application Requirements


For Turkish Citizens
  • Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in Political Science, Political Science and Public Administration, Public Administration, International Relations or Political Science and International Relations.
  • Undergraduate CGPA must be at least 2.29 over 4.00 (or 60 over 100.)
  • Applicants must submit a minimum ALES (Equal Weight) score of 55. An equivalent score on an exam accepted by the Higher Education Council is also valid.
  • Applicants must submit a minimum English YDS/e-YDS or YÖKDİL score of 80. An equivalent score on an exam accepted by the Higher Education Council is also valid.
  • Candidates must earn a minimum score of 65 from written science exams and/or interviews.
  • Overall assessment must be 65 or higher. 
For International Applicants
  • A commission set up by the relevant department’s directorate and composed of at least 3 faculty members determines the field in which applicants must hold an undergraduate degree and the minimum CGPA.
  • Candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in English to be able to start their studies. Those who have received their undergraduate degree from a university in which the language of instruction is English that is in a country where English is the official language or obtained the minimum specified score from one of the following language exams are regarded as proficient in English. Applicants who never submit any of these documents will be required to take the foreign language preparation programs, which will take a maximum of two semesters.


    (Minimum 16 from each skill)














  • International students must pay the tuition fee of 6.000 TL per year.


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Program Coordinator and Contact Information
Assistant Professor Seval YAMAN

   +90 312 596 46 88



For Turkish Applicants
  • Click here for the documents required for the application.
  • Click here for the online application page.

The application page becomes active in the period when the applications are accepted.


Application Calendar and Evaluation

The applications are generally accepted in the months of June-July-August for Fall semesters and November-December for Spring semesters. The university website should be followed for exact dates.

Applicants are ranked based on an initial evaluation carried out by weighting 50% of ALES score and 50% of GPA. The number of candidates invited to science exams can be up to five times the quota. Three points after comma in decimals are taken into consideration in the ranking of applicants. If more than one candidate rank last with the same score, all these candidates are invited to entrance examination.

After applications are accepted, a science exam is held on the announced date. The application results are determined by weighting 50% of ALES score, 20% of GPA, and 30% of science exam score. Following this evaluation, candidates who have earned a score of 65 and above are deemed successful. Successful candidates are ranked according to general evaluation scores (in cases of equal general evaluation scores, science exam scores are taken into consideration), and a number of candidates and substitute candidates as specified by quotas are announced in the institute’s website.

For International Applicants
  • Click here for the documents required for the application.
  • Click here for the online application page.


Application Calendar and Evaluation

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Applications are evaluated by taking into account acceptance requirements of the program and international student quotas. The evaluation result is sent to the applicant's e-mail address.

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