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About the Program

Ph.D program in Middle East Studies is designed to equip students with specialized knowledge regarding Middle East region. This program is essentially for those who aim at a career in the academia although the graduates of the program find employment in a variety of sectors ranging from civil service to foreign affairs, press, media and the private sector.

This demanding program offers courses in major subfields of Middle East Studies, which are history of the Middle East, religion and society in the Middle East, Economy in the Middle East, Foreign Policy of the Middle East and Middle East Politics.

This four-year-long program entails intensive coursework, seminar, a comprehensive exam, dissertation proposal, and dissertation work. A candidate for the Ph.D degree must successfully complete the course requirements for Ph.D. Degree in Middle East Studies by earning at least 24 credits- 60 ECTS in total including four required and four elective courses within two years.  All courses count for 7.5 ECTS credits. After completing all credit requirements and the seminar course; students must pass the comprehensive exam successfully. Lastly, they have to submit and successfully defend a Ph.D dissertation.

Application Information and Admission Requirements
  • To have a master degree in Social Sciences
  • To have a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00
  • To have a minimum score of 55 on ALES (Verbal or Equally Weighted) or an equivalent GMAT score.
  • Proven proficiency in English (A minimum score of 80 on ÜDS/KPDS/YDS/TOEFL/e-YDS or a minimum score of 90 on YÖKDİL English Exam.)
  • There is no tuition fee for Turkish candidates. International candidates are required to pay tuition fee and application fee. Current tuition fee is 15.000,00 TL for each semester. Application fee is 100,00 TL. The application fee of those candidates who are not accepted to the program will not be refunded. Fees can be paid into bank account with IBAN TR76 0001 2009 4110 0006 0000 14.
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