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About the Program

The agencies, institutions and agenda of politics in national, inter-national and global level has entered into a quick change in 21th century. Every new phenomenon emerged within social and political relations weakens the status-quo and dynamizes the whole field of the social identities and political relations. As well as increasing the necessity of political science, this dynamism also demands political science to enhance its capacity to explain the world.

In consideration of the foregoing analysis, ASBU Political Science Master’s Degree (with thesis) Program aims to conduct empirical and theoretical research which makes major contribution to the literature. Therefore, the theses written by political science students of this program have high quality in terms of scientific contents, academic format and grammar quality. This scientific formation requires our students to increase their oral as well as written performances. The whole program and each lesson of it are organized in a way to develop the culture of “learning together” and “learning from each other” and to pave the way for students to develop close relations not only with other students but also with the instructor in order to learn the theoretical and methodological tools of problematizing and analyzing.

The education language in ASBU Political Science Master’s Degree Program is English. The students are also encouraged to learn a second language (including the Oriental languages such as Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese).

Application Information and Admission Requirements

For graduate admission, the minimum undergraduate cGPA should be 2.5 out of 4.00 and the minimum general score for ALES (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam) in the indicated field by the program should be at least 60. The candidates should get at least 55 in foreign language exam or an equivalent score from interuniversity foreign language examination.  To begin the education in the program, the candidates should get at least 75 from the English placement test held by our university. The ones who get accepted but fail in English placement exam will go to Prepatory School of English for one year.

The success rating for program admission is calculated in a way to sum up %50 of Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) score and %20 of undergraduate cGPA and %30 of the total score of oral and/or written exam. The rating is scaled on the basis of this final evaluation score.

Contact Information
Social Science University of Ankara Hükümet Meydanı No:2 Ulus/ANKARA Tel: 0312 596 44 44-45